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Hello my dear loved ones. I have finally been brave enough to release the Go Fund Me for my album! It’s been very hard deciding it’s ok to ask for help but I feel really great about the music I am working on and I can’t wait to share it with all of you and hopefully the world.

So here is the Mer-tastic Plan:

I am creating an album in two parts with 7 songs in each half!
The first half: Letting the Light In. it’s summer vibes, pop, nautical, hopeful, and kid friendly with some rocking anthems and sweet melodies.
The second half: Screaming the Storm Out. It’s rock Millennial Covid Realness with pain, love, healing, laughter… and maybe a few vermin:)
I plan to release them 6 months apart and then plan a tour around the country and world. I’ll be posting sneak peaks and previews to what songs will be included and some sound clips! The first half will be out later this summer!

Album Costs $20,000

The album itself ( including cover art, promotion, release, production, and musicians) Is going to cost 20,000 dollars.

Any Help in ANY way will be welcomed and cherished. If you have the means, please consider sending ……
Fish Food: $20-50 the price you would have paid for a physical CD and you will Receive a Hurricane Holly sticker/snail mail and ever lasting gratitude.
Sirens Sparkle: $50-500 you will get your choice of merchandise (and a part in choosing what merchandise is available) and shout outs on the socials.
Pirates Booty: any donation over 500 will receive all the goodies and personal Hurricane Holly Concert either over live stream or in your very backyard!

Support Hurricane Holly 


Go Fund Me – Hurricane Holly


If you prefer Venmo: @HurricaneHollyMusic

Hurricane Bonus

As a fun Bonus!! If I reach my goal, the beautiful and talented Jennifer Walder Carlson and I will record the ever cherished Remember When Covid anthem for everyone to enjoy!
It’s a wild time to be asking for anything so if you can not contribute financially but would still love to support my dreams and music here are a few ways you can still help
Send this to 3 people you know will love my music and may have the monetary capability to donate.

Hurricane Holly Millenial Complex sassy pose stomping on an ipad

Become a Patreon

 On Patreon you can give low monthly payments for exclusive goodies and help sustain my music career.


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