About Hurricane Holly

Hurricane Holly is a force to be reckoned with. A wind that will guide you from the monotony of  society and stay with you until your safe outside it’s suffocating constraints! ( aka the matrix) A siren to pierce through the head phones and make you pay attention. Look up at the the world, let the light in, and be the person you always wanted. With a passionate wail and a poets verse her Storm Pop will make you laugh, cry, blush, and maybe get a bit squirmy, but you will leave feeling fresh and inspired… and you won’t soon forget her.

hurricane holly Longmore singer songwriter

Hurricane Holly Longmore with guitar on back by street art Brooklyn New York

She is not here to be background music. There will be no lulling you to sleep. Just when you think your going into a nice pretty second verse, bam early bridge straight to the belt. Wake up life is full of highs and lows and you will find no safe constant here. She’ll start with a chorus and end with a joke. She’ll make her self look silly so you feel safe to be silly, to be yourself, to sing along even if you don’t believe yourself to be a singer. Hurricane Holly will Take up her space. She won’t give into the Millennial  attention span but teach them how to pay attention, be present, be patient. Wake up! 


satire and tragedy

darkness and light

ups and downs

fierce and gentle

rhythmic and melodic

lyrical and blunt

pirate and siren 

lover and bitch

Hollys Background


Holly came to NYC from the Rocky Mountains ready to use those strong lungs to make a strong statement. A Singer/Songwriter accompanying herself with an acoustic guitar and piano, her satirically tragic songs will keep you weeping and wanting more. Her songs range from telling it how it is Girl Power to silly storytelling and sexcapades.

With an influence from 90’s pop and her hero Regina Spektor, she gives a fresh take on the pop-folk mix. She is new to the scene but hitting the ground running with gigs all over the lower east side and soon to expand in the city and the world.

Spreading love and acceptance while also giving a harshly honest look into a woman’s plight, she hopes to evolve, expand, and share her wisdom with the world. Some contents are rated R for explicit language. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might get a bit squirmy, and you won’t forget her.

You can Contact Holly via email Holly at:  holly.longmore (at) gmail.com or drop into her DM’s on Insta